As a researcher, you'll probably agree that communication is one of the most critical aspects of your work.

Unfortunately, manuscript-writing comes right at the very end of your project, just when your levels of fatigue and subjectivity are at their highest - and your precision and stamina are at their lowest! At that precise moment, perhaps what you really need is to step back, take a breath and let someone else help you transform your "advanced draft" into a high-quality "submission-ready" product.

This is our mission.

We believe that communication in science is just as important as experimentation. We know from experience that by the time researchers make it to the end of our projects, we get a little tired and find it hard to maintain rigour and objectivity. A little outside help can go along way at the critical stage, and even minor improvements can substantially increase a manuscript's impact.
Our goal is to help researchers optimize their scientific productivity by improving every aspect of their written communication at the critical phase of manuscript preparation. By fulfilling the role of colleague, reviewer, editor and audience, we work with you on the organization, flow, presentation and written English of your research article or grant proposal. See our introductory offer for new clients!
About Us
Based in Barcelona, we're a group of experienced post-doctoral researchers and editors with expertise in various fields of basic science, physics, genetics, epidemiology, neurobiology, animal behaviour and statistics. Based on years of experience in research and scientific communication, we know what it takes to turn solid research into a high impact manuscript.

What our Clients Say
As freelancers, we've spent the last few years helping researchers in public and private research institutes, universities and government agencies all over Spain to polish and publish their scientific articles. On this page you can find a list of our current and past clients and their comments on our work.

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